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College of Pharmacy

115 South Grand Avenue
52242, Iowa City
United States

Message from Dean Donald E. Letendre

As Dean I have the privilege of routinely boasting about the rich tradition of excellence that has come to symbolize our College. Our outstanding methods of educational delivery, pursuit of high professional ideals, quest for new knowledge through discovery, tireless dedication to meeting the needs of the public through civic engagement and outreach, and the persistent desire to attain high-quality patient care all serve to underscore that rich tradition. Most certainly, the greatest beneficiaries of all that this great institution offers are our students.

One of my principal mantras is: "If not for the students, why do we exist?" The academic and training experiences that are available through a tradition-rich, highly regarded program like ours are clearly a key aspect to student life. However, as anyone who has walked our halls has come to know, our expectations go well beyond what is learned through coursework and experiential education. There is a deep and abiding resolve on the part of all who comprise the College family to actively contribute to the full professional realization of each and every student. We believe that a true grounding as a professional requires a sense of belonging, a sense of caring, and a sense of commitment. In that regard, we are driving by a "spirit of community."This spirit of community extends well beyond the physical structure of the College. In 2008, the University and, indeed, all of eastern Iowa witnessed the worst recorded flooding in our state's history.

The spirit of community shone bright on our campus as students, faculty, staff, alumni, and volunteers from all walks of life stood side-by-side to form relay lines as long as the eye could see. They shared equally in filling, passing, and stacking sandbags around buildings and other areas threatened by the rising waters.There are heartfelt stories of students like Wasihun "Nico" Nicodimos, who escaped war-ravaged Ethiopia, found a home in our College, and experienced the caring community that exists here. These accounts and so many more like them serve to enrich our students' lives and provide further meaningful substance to all that encompasses their education.

It is our sincere hope that the professional foundation that is nurtured throughout students' time with us gives rise to a fulfilling career and a lifelong sense of community as a member of the Hawkeye family.


The College of Pharmacy serves the state, nation and world by:
a) enhancing human health through the creation and dissemination of knowledge in discovery, development and evaluation of new drugs and drug delivery systems, optimization of safe and effective drug use, and improvement of pharmaceutical services through pharmaceutical care delivery;
b) preparing outstanding pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to meet the health care needs of the diverse populations of the state and society and enhancing the delivery of essential pharmacy services for all citizens;
c) developing and transferring new advances in pharmaceutical science and technology to strengthen and support the State of Iowa and society.